Saturday, April 14, 2012

Cardboard Robot Beetle.
A cardboard robot controlled by a radio control set. Three servos are used, one for each "pair" of legs.The cardboard came from the box I got my vacuum cleaner in. It had a nice black finish on one side.

The design is something  I came up with when I had no money to buy processors but I did have a radio control set from my model aircraft phase.
To make him walk you move the control sticks on the transmitter in a simple sequence.
He will walk forward, back, left and right very easily.

The receiver and battery pack fit underneath between the middle and back legs. Some of you may wonder how i can make him turn with the way the servos are configured. Well there's a little trick to the design that makes it possible. 

There's a short video of it walking on youtube. You can see it here.

Yep, it's cardboard.


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  2. Great Design.