Monday, April 2, 2012

Papercraft Robot Scorpion.

This little scorpion moves around controlled by a TV remote control. It has a PIcaxe microcontroller for a brain and uses two tiny motors and a lipo battery from a toy helicopter for power.

The main body fits over the base which holds all the hardware. There is a small hole at the front of the body and base to allow the infrared receiver signals from the remote in.

The Picaxe sits in an ic socket. The motor drivers and the infrared receiver are soldered onto the socket pins.
I used two surface mount transistors for the motor drivers.

The motors poke through the bottom of the base and have small sections of silicon tubing for wheels.

The motors are quite powerful and I had to use pulse width modulation to act as a throttle and slow them down otherwise he would be far too fast to control.

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